Supporting local people to upskill and obtain employment in local jobs. Affordable and accessible training, apprenticeships and job opportunities mean following your passion is possible. Vocational education spans classroom, online, and on-job experience and means you can earn while you learn.


Whanganui is the place to do business. For employers seeking talented staff, the Port Employment Precinct forecasts training needs, evaluates employment prospects and facilitates opportunities to align vocational training and professional development with Whanganui industry and business current and future requirements.



When it comes to improving employment opportunities, no person or organisation can be relevant in isolation; it takes collaboration, networking and engagement. The Port Employment Precinct values the vision,  support and mahi of numerous community champions to achieve our goals.



The Port Employment Precinct Whanganui is a not-for-profit entity that facilitates and champions education, training, and support for improving employment opportunities in Whanganui.


Governed by Whanganui District Employment and Training Trust (WDETT), the Port Employment Precinct proactively collaborates with regional training organisations, business and community support entities, schools, local and central government, industry, and our diverse community.

Supported by a significant Government investment managed by the Provincial Development Unit, the revitalisation of Whanganui's historic Riverport located at the mouth of Whanganui River represents an opportunity for more business, and ultimately more employment.


As Whanganui grows in population and gains access to new business prospects, our purpose is to champion local people's skills pathways contributing to meaningful and sustainable employment.

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