Having been voted for a second year running as New Zealand's most beautiful city, there is much more to Whanganui than just a fantastic lifestyle.

Some key benefits to having a business in Whanganui include a central north island location, regular air links to Auckland, affordable housing, excellent schooling, a progressive business community, and a motivated and accessible workforce.

The Port Employment Precinct works proactively with local employers to ensure both current and future workers have access to quality, relevant skills training, and education opportunities.

  • The Precinct identifies industry-relevant training and professional development opportunities that align with Whanganui trainees and job-seekers' aspirations and aptitude.

  • For businesses seeking talented staff, the Precinct facilitates vocational training, work experience and work placements of individuals with relevant, contemporary qualifications and knowledge.

  • The Precinct forecasts training needs and evaluates employment prospects and opportunities to align vocational training and professional development with Whanganui industry and business requirements.

“Find out what you like doing best, and get someone to pay you for it.”

Katharine Whitehorn